Heatec manufactures a range of products designed for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) plants.

Heatec hot oil heaters (thermal fluid heaters) for the hot mix asphalt (HMA) industry are designed around a helical coil. Our coil meets ASME code.

Although we make several other types of thermal fluid heaters for other industries, our helical coil heaters are the most popular hot oil heater in the HMA industry.

Their popularity comes from their simplicity, efficiency, low maintenance and relatively low cost.

All HC and HCS heaters are factory-tested. We provide startup services with fees based on time at site plus travel time and expenses.

Asphalt storage tanks from Heatec are designed for storing liquid asphalt cement and polymer modified bitumen. They are used at hot mix asphalt plants, asphalt terminals, and asphalt roofing plants.

Heatec asphalt tanks are available in a wide variety of sizes, from 10,000 gallon capacity to 35,000 gallon capacity. Larger models are also available.

Heatec offers tanks in vertical, portable and horizontal stationary configurations. Many options are available, including mixers for polymer modified asphalt (polymer modified bitumen), radar level gauges and power-actuated valves.

Safety features include overflow protection and low-level controls that prevent heating a tank if asphalt level drops below the heating coils or fire tube.

Part of an overall fuel heating and storage system. Skid includes many of the system's major components: preheater, controls for preheater and fuel pump, two duplex strainers, fuel pump, factory-installed piping and drip pan. Other system components include fuel tanks and sock filters.

Preheater heats heavy fuel to lower its viscosity so it can be atomized by a burner. Preheater raises the temperature of heavy fuel up to 100 degrees F at a flow rate of 1,000 gallons per hour.

Modulating control precisely controls fuel temperature. Removable coil bundle for easy cleanout. Fully preassembled and tested, ready for installation. Easily positioned with forklift.

Preheater and other components are also available separately.

Stores heavy fuel oil and pre-heats the fuel on the run as it is burned by a fuel oil burner.

Available in 6 sizes from 10,000 to 35,000 gallons. Some pre-heaters use hot oil (thermal fluid) to heat heavy fuels and waste oil for aggregate dryers.

Other pre-heaters use electric heating elements. Pre-heating lowers the viscosity of the oil so it can be atomized by the burner. The pre-heater increases the temperature 100 degrees F at a rate of 1,000 gpm.

This system is also available as a skid-mounted unit. Insulation is optional.

Stores and heats liquid additives for HMA plants, both drum mix plants and batch plants.

Available in 2 sizes, with capacities of either 1000 or 2000 gallons.

Heating is either electric or by hot oil provided by the thermal fluid heater used to heat other plant components. Fully insulated.

Either skid-mounted or portable.


Used to calibrate the liquid asphalt metering system of a drum mix asphalt plant.

Available in vertical, horizontal and portable configurations. Capacity is 1,028 gallons.

The tanks are mounted on load cells and have a LED readout. Jacketed asphalt lines on the tank are heated by hot oil provided by the thermal fluid heater used to heat other plant components.

The tanks are not insulated since they are not normally used to store asphalt cement.


Provides continuous metering of asphalt cement for drum mix plants. Uses two pumps and is known as "a pump pushing a pump."

The system can be calibrated to an accuracy of plus or minus one-tenth of one percent (0.1 percent).

One pump is active and the other is passive. The active one is motor-driven and acts as a conventional supply pump. The liquid AC causes the shaft of the passive pump to rotate and operate an encoder.

It generates a signal that provides flow information. A strainer is included.

The typical system blends SBS polymer with virgin asphalt, or bitumen, to make polymer-modified asphalt cement (PMAC).

Tanks and other components are heated by thermal fluid from a helical coil heater. SBS polymer pellets make multiple passes through a mill that shears them into smaller pieces for optimum blending.

Optimum blending is also aided by elevated temperatures. Similar systems are available for ground rubber.

Heatec also makes skid-mounted polymer plants for export. These smaller systems are specifically designed for ease of shipping and installation.

These Thermo-Guard vertical storage tanks are designed for storing emulsified asphalt. The tanks have a single compartment and include electric elements on the bottom of the tank for heating.

The tanks include controls that can be set by the plant operator to maintain the emulsion stored in the tank at a preset temperature.

Tanks are available in numerous configurations and with numerous options. Sizes range from 6,000 gallon to 35,000 gallon capacity.



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