Designed by Osborn South Africa, this machine is designed specifically for processing cobalt plate. It is used for 4mm thick plate, and works at a feed rate of more than 5 tons per hour.

The two non-adjustable rolls are supported on heavy duty bearings to withstand shock. The rolls are cast in high quality steel with hardfaced tips to extend life. The rolls are machined internally and machine fitted onto the keyed centre barrel.

The rolls are easily replaced by undoing the retaining bolts on either side of the crushing segment and sliding off the centre barrel. The teeth on either roll are timed to mesh perfectly to produce a product of 20 x 20mm which crushing 4mm thick cobalt plate. The rolls rotate at 10rpm.

Rolls are connected via heavy duty straight cut gears to ensure timing of the toothed segments. A simple grease lubrication point is provided.

A heavy-duty Flender gearbox with 22kW flange mounted motor is used for 4mm thick feed size. For thicker plates this may change.Material is fed into the Crusher by hand via the built-in inlet chute. This ensures that material is presented to the rolls at the correct angle and feed rate. Inlet width is 900mm. Roll size is 380mm diameter by 940mm diameter


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