BTI’s HFS (Hammer Feed Scaler) Series of Underground Scalers are engineered to provide a safe and efficient method of mine scaling. They offer flexibility to deal with virtually all scaling situations, the maneuverability to work in tight quarters, and the variable breaker power to match your scaling requirements.

Features & Benefits

The operator can use sight and sound to determine what is to be scaled; the very same criteria applied in precise manual scaling operations. Available in three models, HFS Series Scalers combine proven componentry in a simple and rugged construction.

Rugged BX8 Breaker - with adjustable blow energy, variable frequency and an oversized tool provide the ability to match breaker output to scaling conditions.

Scaler Head with Hydraulic Extension, Swing & Tilt  - Three axis movement permits optimum scaler positioning to ensure only loose rock is scaled.

Unique Telescoping & Knuckle Positioner - incorporates high rigidity, torsional strength, telescoping extension and strategic guarding of hydraulic components for longer machinery life.

Infinitely Variable Control System - for both boom and breaker functions provides adaptability to site conditions; overscaling is eliminated; and "sounding" is readily achieved.

Heavy Duty Stabilizers - or optional pusher blade allow easy set-up and operation from the machine when in a parked position. The main benefit being efficient, immediate removal of scaled material from roadways.




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