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Breaker Technology’s MINE RUNNER All Purpose Vehicle is a modern day solution for a future focused mining operation, aimed at safety, lower emissions, and increased productivity. Not to be confused with a customized road vehicle or generic people carrier, the Mine Runner has Hydraulic Wheel Drive (HWD) motors, providing greater power, and extended maintenance and duty cycles.

Engineered from the grounbti mine runner undergroundd up to be a leader in personnel safety and operational flexibility. Standard on the Mine Runner is a rigorously tested and independently certified ROPS/FOPS operator cabin.
“The ever increasing payload requirements and tramming distances have exceeded the capabilities of the typical re purposed highway 4x4 style truck. Unlike many over the road type vehicles being modified for use underground, the Mine Runner is purpose designed and built for the underground environment,” say  Andy Jackson, BTI Engineering Project Leader, Mobile Equipment Systems.

Both the primary braking (service brakes) and the secondary braking (emergency brakes) have been designed and tested to meet and exceed the CSA Braking Standard and Performance for Underground Mining Machines. CAN/CSA - M424.3-M90.

Powered by our innovative “Hydraulic Wheel Drive” or “HWD” fluid controlled power train, the Mine Runner is capable of easy customization to a optional configurations without hindering performance or longevity of components.

BTI - Breaker Technology is a manufacturer of quarry, construction and mining equipment. We specialize in rockbreaker systems, hydraulic breakers, demolition attachments and a full line of rugged, low profile mining vehicles. Well recognized as a leader in global mining and quarry markets, BTI offers unparalleled experience and product support.

 Features include:

-Optimized power delivery, independent to each wheel

-Increased traction improves traction on steep/wet grades, and improves tire life and reduces cost

-Ensures diesel engine operates within optimal power band

-Parabolic leaf springs and shock absorbers for a smooth ride

-Latest clean tech engine

-No drive shafts or u-joints to damage

-12" ground clearance and 7+" suspension travel navigates rough terrain with ease

-Personnel carrier is ROPS/FOPS optional

Also available as Maintenance/Mechanics Vehicle, Fuel/Lube Vehicle, Crane/Scissor Lift, or Telescopic Aerial Boom. Click on our Mine Runner brochure for more detailed information and specifications.


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