Underground utility equipment




The CV series Crane utility vehicle features a high speed / high mobility underground crane for use in underground environments. A seperate torque converter / transmission package provides low profile engine shroud height for improved operator visibility.


The units articulates centrally with a 45 degree range of movement to assist with tight turning radius. The Mid-mounted operator compartment provides good visibility for tramming in both directions.



bti crane truck drawing





Features & Benefits:

  • High Speed / High Mobility underground scaling.
  • +/-450 vehicle articulation for tight turning radius.
  • Separate torque converter / transmission package provides low profile engine shroud height for improved operator visibility.
  • Mid-ship operator compartment provides good visibility for both tramming and scaling functions.

  • Four heavy duty tube-in-tube self-leveling stabilizers provide quick set up times and stable operation.
  • Purpose-built heavy duty, large cross-section boom provides excellent dexterity and strength when performing scaling functions.
  • Patented Vibratory Pick provides fast, efficient scaling of rock surfaces.


LP15 Base Carrier

bti mpv diamensions 700

 Interchangable Cassette System's

 MPV-FL Fuel Lube Cassette

bti mpv fl 3401

Designed to carry a removable deck-mounted fuel tank and grease drum;
all fluids are pumped through pneumatic pumps designed for harsh mine
environments. Compressed air is provided from two sources; through a
cassette-mounted hydraulic driven compressor, and by connecting mine air
directly to the cassette pneumatic circuit for remote operation from
the carrier. Optional metering nozzles can be provided. The fuel tank is
constructed of heavy duty steel with baffles to reduce internal
surging function.


MPV-SCT Shot Crete Remixer Cassette

bti mpv sct 340

The remixing drum operates bi-directionally, allowing variable mixing or
discharge rate proportional to rotation speed. Internal drum flutes
provide remixing, material discharge and self-cleaning eliminating the
requirement to tilt the drum, allowing low profile operation. Options
include a variety of remixer capacities, discharge chute, secondary
electric over hydraulic pump circuit and secondary air over hydraulic
pump circuit.


MPV-PC Personnel Carrier Cassette

bti mpv pc 340

Designed with steel enclosed sides and three-point step entry with safety chain. Two rows of bench seating with three inch (3”) padding for seats and back rests, available with customized deck sizes.

 MPV-CV Crane Cassette

bti mpv cv 340

Proportional control valving allows smooth crane operation for precise
load positioning. A six inch (6”) high kick rail with six (6)
strategically placed tie-down loops prevents loose cargo from sliding
off and allows securing of the load. An optional heavy duty fold-down
tailgate with custom fabricated hinges allows loading of the tailgate
with extra long loads. Options include deck lighting, wooden floor or
rubber mat deck covering and customized deck sizes.

 MPV-MS Mechanics Service Cassette

bti mpv ms 340

Tool compartments with lockable doors and latches, location for
oxyacetylene cylinders (supplied by customer), step ladder and hydraulic
lift crane add to the features described in our Crane Vehicle Cassette.

 MPV-SL Scissor Lift Cassette

bti MPV SL 340

A scissor lift package consisting of a standard size platform and lift
height. Removable fixed height handrails are standard, with folding
handrails optional for low height tramming. Controls available as
standard deck-mounted, or optional platform controls in operator
compartment for safety. Other options include platform lift mechanical
lock for maintenance on raised deck, telescopic ladder and air over


MPV-FT Fuel Transfer System Cassette

bti mpv ft 340

 Frame weldment comes with guides for fast and easy mounting of cassette and qty 4 locking pins to secure cassette to MPV Carrier. Four (4)
hydraulic stabilizer jacks to raise and lower cassette during attach/disconnect function. 770 gallon/2910 liter fuel reservoir, clean
out access, sight gauges, discharge fuel filter, hydraulic driven fuel
pump, 30 gpm/136 lpm output, metering dispensing nozzle, 50 ft/15.2 m of 1.25 inch/31.7 mm diameter hose an spring return hose reel and
grounding connection.









Utilising a single basic carrier in combination with various working end configurations, BTI's rugged, economical and utilitarian service vehicles support mine maintenance, safety and production functions.


bti scissor drawing
























BTI's SCT Series of Shotcrete Transport vehicle is a heavy duty, low profile vehicle specifically designed for remix operations in underground applications.


Features and Benefits


BTI shotcrete transfer vehicleBi-directional Drum Rotation


The mixer is driven hydrostatically over a planet gear. The necessary driving power is achieved by a variable axle piston pump enabling a continuously adjustable rpm regulation between 0 rpm to 14 rpm, in both turning directions. The bi-directional rotation of the remix drum allows variable mixing or discharge rate proportional to rotation speed. The drum speed is controlled by two proportional joysticks, one at the discharge end of the drum, the other at the operator’s position on the vehicle.


Internal Drum Flutes


Provide remixing and material discharge without tilting the drum. This allows low profile operation and discharge, and allows the drum to be self-cleaning, eliminating the requirement to tilt the drum.


Oval Loading Hatch


front to rear, allowing truck to be jockeyed for optimum loading.


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